CHMS Lesson Schedule


Instrumental music lessons will be taking place during the specials rotation.  Each student will receive a lesson for 25 consecutive days during the yearly rotation.  Below is the order of lessons for this school year:

Rotation 1 – Drums   (Approx. September – October)

Rotation 2 – Beginners and Conversion Class (Approx. October – November)

Rotation 3 – Clarinets and Bass Clarinets (Approx. November – December)

Rotation 4 – Trumpets, Trombones, Baritone Horns, and Tubas (Approx. December – February)

Rotation 5 – Alto and Tenor Saxophones (Approx. February – March)

Rotation 6 – Flute and Keyboard (Approx. March – April)

Rotation 7 – Beginner Drum Course (Approx. May -June)



In additon to the lessons, band students will also be assigned to a weekly sectional rehearsal which will meet during FLEX time.  These sectionals will take place every week starting September 14.

MONDAYS: Flutes / Trumpets/ Keyboards during FLEX

TUESDAYS: Clarinets / Altos during FLEX

WEDNESDAYS: Low Brass/ Low Woodwinds / Tenors during FLEX

THURSDAYS: Drums during FLEX

FRIDAYS:  ALL Regional Audition Students during FLEX