Concert Etiquette

As a courtesy to the performers we ask audience members to follow these guidelines:

1. Wait for applause to enter or exit the performance.

2. Remain seated while ensembles are performing.

3. Disable all cell phones and other electronic devices before the start of the performance.

4. All audience members should remain for the entire performance, students are also expected to remain for the entire concert and will not be dismissed early.

5. Please hold applause until the conductor’s hands go down – this indicates the end of the piece as many pieces contain pauses or multiple movements.

Performer Expectations:

1. Food, gum, soda, and other candy should not be brought to the concert.

2. Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume.

3. Performers will remain for the entire concert.

4. When other groups are performing students should remain still and quiet so they don’t create a distraction.