How Parents Can Help

There are a number of ways in which you, as parents, can assist in your child’s success. The following suggestions are especially helpful after the novelty of a new instrument has worn off.


Praise your child’s efforts and achievements.

Show interest in the music study of your child.

Arrange a consistent time for regular daily practice.

Provide a quiet, well-lit place, with a music stand, in which to practice.

Provide a safe place in which to store the instrument.

Keep the instrument in good repair. Should a repair be necessary, do not attempt to repair your child’s instrument yourself.  Please consult the music teacher immediately for the proper course of action to take, or for a list of recommended repair technicians.

Be aware of your child’s schedule in order to help him/her to be punctual for rehearsals and lessons.  See that your child takes his/her instrument and music on days of lessons and rehearsals.

Make faithful attendance at all performances and activities a priority.

Encourage your child to perform for others when opportunities arise.

Play a variety of recordings of master artists for your child (public libraries are good sources of recorded music). Encourage your child to be active listeners of music.

Take your child to live concerts as often as possible.

Encourage him/her through technical challenges.


Please feel free to contact your child’s music teacher with any questions or concerns that you may have.