Private Instruction

Instrumental and Vocal music students:

Private lessons are encouraged as a supplement to the school performing music program. It is important to realize that musical development is different with every child and that each instrument or voice brings a host of unique challenges to a student. A young musician can benefit greatly from the expertise of a specialist on their instrument or voice in a one-on-one setting.


What to Consider When Choosing a Private Instructor:

Please consult with your school music teacher before enlisting the services of a private instructor.

The instructor should be a specialist on the instrument. Specialists intimately know and understand the unique challenges of their instrument, know the best methods of overcoming the problems and are familiar with the standard literature for the instrument.

The instructor must value the total development of the musician.

Lessons should provide regular development in tone and technique, scales, ensemble and solo literature.

The instructor should be positive in approach.

Students need to be constantly encouraged for their successes.

For information on private instructors in the area, please contact your child’s music teacher.